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Stuff Ginger People Like

Posted by Brittany Rose on

If you're ginger you know, and if not, well, here is the list of stuff ginger people like.

stuff ginger people like


Never, ever, ever take a ginger's sunscreen.  Said to be "soulless," you will face indescribable consequences.  Its not that we're violent by nature, rather we have all experienced the unfortunate reality of burning to a blistering crisp.  A crisp so excruciating that it removed the outer layer of our skin the same way a snake sheds its skin.  As a result, we love sunscreen.  The higher the SPF, the better. Most gingers, myself included, are sunscreen snobs and do not want your dollar-store spray sunscreen from 3 years ago.  This is not meant to come off as rude, its just that we know better.  Most of us have one preferred brand of sunscreen and may settle for our second favorite in a pinch.


The same painful motives that fuel our passion for sunscreen also fuel our love for hats.  No one wants their eye brows seared off, which is what happens immediately to gingers who dare to walk outside in the middle of the summer without a hat or visor on.

Other Ginger People

Seeing other ginger people gives us hope that the genetic mutation that caused our own hair color, is not, after all going extinct.  It also gives us solace that there will continue to be some ginger hair products on the market, at least for today.  

Really, Really, Really Pale Foundation

To be fair, this one is primarily for ginger women.  Finding a foundation base or powder that is pale enough to not make us look orange is truly a challenge.  Make up companies often fail to account for the vast lack of pigmentation in our skin.


We like the following movies:  The Little Mermaid, Annie, The Parent Trap (1998 remake only), Mean Girls, Jurassic World, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles and Titanic.  

TV Shows

We like the following TV shows: Scooby Do, The Flintstones, Modern Family, Gilligan's Island, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Conan, That 70's Show and I Love Lucy


Ginger ale, Moscow mule and ginger beer and ginger tea.


Since most ginger people have lots of freckles, we have decided to welcome them.  They also make a great camouflage for breakouts, so bring on the freckles.   

Rise of the Gingers T-shrits and accessories!

Oh, yes, you didn't know?  Gingers love items from the shop, so go ahead and treat yo self.  Or treat another ginger you know to something great! 

Happy Shopping!

- Brittany, the Ginger

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