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Six Tips for Rocking a Red Lip (as a red head)

Posted by Brittany Rose on

If you thought red heads can’t rock a red lip, well, it's time to let that go.  I too spent many years being intimidated by red lipstick and thinking the lie that "red heads can't wear red."  Recently I even tried to research who exactly made this rule.  Well, it turns out, no one knows!  Although, my money is on a blonde.  But why should someone else get to say what we can or cannot rock?  It took me a long time to get here, but now, I’m on a mission to help redheads embrace a red lip. 

Here are my top 6 tips for rocking a red lip as a red head:

1. Find Inspiration

This tip is especially for those redheads who aren’t quite sold that a red lip can be pulled off.  Nothing is quite as convincing as seeing it done well.  You can find inspiration all around you.  For me it was a redhead who went to our church and wore a red lip almost every Sunday.  (She’s now a model for Rise of the Gingers and our feature model for this post!) 

Redlipstick on redhead in tee shirt

(You can grab her cute tee shirt here!  This is the heather green color.)

But if you don’t see any redheads around you rocking a red lip, Pinterest is a great place to look.

2. Use a liner

Trust me, I’m all about lazy makeup application and skip the liner with any other color.  However, with red, I encourage a liner because it really helps pop the lip with a nice crisp line, totally worth the extra 30 seconds!

3.Find your shade

Other hair colors can pick up almost any red and put it on without issue, however with red hair finding the right red shade is a bit of an adventure.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t love the first red you try, or even the first few.  Red lips looking good with red hair is very skin tone dependent.  For a more yellow skin tone, I recommend orange-reds and for more red skin tone I recommend a more pink-red.

4. A little goes a long way

I typically put red lipstick on by dabbing it on rather than a full swipe across my lips.  That’s because red lipstick can be incredibly powerful, a little is all you need to get the color on!

5.  Let the red lip be the focus

Since the red lip will command so much color, let your eye shadow be a nice natural color that doesn’t take away from the lips.  I like to go with a light brown or cream.

6.  Own it

This is all about attitude, which is affected by posture.  Seriously, there's science to that! So pull your shoulders back and pick your head up, friend.  Go show the world that red heads will no longer be held captive by stupid rules. 

Cheers to my red heads, and here’s to lots of red lips!

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