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7 Things I would tell my younger Red Head Self

Posted by Brittany Rose on

If I could time travel, here are 7 things I would tell my younger red head self.

7 things I would tell my younger ginger self

1. Red is not the nemesis, your confidence is. 

You can wear red and you can rock it.  The world will claim that you need to follow all these “style” rules, but ignore them.  They’re mostly a marketing scam.  And they all cycle around and do a 180 every few decades anyhow.  Scrunchies, bell bottoms, even wallpaper have all managed to make a comeback from their late 80’s early 90’s glory days.  Red is yours if you want it.  Red would be lucky to be worn by you.

2. Same for red lipstick. 

Red lipstick is not the enemy, your afraid-to-be-seen-self-conscious is.  Buy the lipstick.  Wear it out.  Take a selfie with it.  You may even find that it grows on you!  If you want some more tips on rocking a red lip, you can find those HERE.

3. Drop the baby oil.  Now. 

Just because your blonde older sister can manage a tan after a bathing in baby oil and laying in the sun for 6 hours does not mean you can.  Just because you share the same blood, doesn’t mean you share the same skin.  The only favors baby oil can do for you is add an audible crisp to the burn.  Trade the baby oil in for some high quality mineral sunscreen and then you’ve got the right idea.

4. The same principle goes for tanning beds. 

You see, the word “tanning” in “tanning bed” actually a misnomer for those of us that are pigmentally challenged.  The term that we should use is burning bed.  And I don’t mean just skin.  I also mean money, because, what a hope-filled waste. 

5. Never, ever, ever let someone talk you into dying your eyebrows. 

There are actually some great redhead eve brow products on the market these days like THIS one from Red Head Revolution or THIS one from How to be a Red Head.  They are short term daily brow fillers.  Having eyebrows died a brown darker than dirt will only make you feel the artist Frieda, but not in a good way. 

6. If anyone ever calls you names, or says some incredibly distasteful comment about your red hair, you are allowed to punch them in the face. 

It’s WWJD.  Fine.  It's not really what Jesus would do.  But it might’ve been, if he’d been ginger.

7. Your red hair may not always be your favorite thing about you, but one day it will be.

You see having red hair is kind of like wine, it gets better with age.  Age has taught me to feel so much less offended by other peoples opinions and thoughts.  Age has made me realize confidence is something we can grasp with a simple perspective shift.  And age has also opened my eyes to have truly unique red hair is. Finally, because red hair is slow to grey, if at all, as I age, i have just one more reason to appreciate it. 

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